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Reasons for the Damages Received By Entertainment Centers While Moving

Entertainment centers comprise entire arrangement of entertaining tech along with the cabinets and drawers that are specifically used for placing and securing these items. When you move to the new home, you may be planning to take your entertainment center along with you. Here, you will have to keep in mind that an entire entertainment center is usually a delicate arrangement that can get damaged during a move if not handled professionally. So, a little discussion about how to prepare and move your entertainment center is definitely something that you would find helpful.

Preparing the entertainment center for move

Not paying attention to disassembling and initially securing the parts is a bad way to start the process. So, the best practices need to be followed.

  • Detach every part that can be detached. These items may include cords, drawer handles, and detachable legs and so on. This process may take more time, so start disassembling as earlier as possible.
  • After detaching these parts, put them in the plastic bags and label those bags. You may believe that you would remember about the assembling process but it gets difficult to remember these small things when you go through the stressful process of moving.
  • Take measurements of the big items to check whether these items would pass through the doorways easily. Especially the main table and cabinetry of the entertainment center needs to pass through the doorways conveniently after being packed.
  • Use polypropylene flexible foam to protect the delicate or highly finished surfaces. The polypropylene foam has surface protecting characteristics, and it also provides some cushioning. For added cushioning, you can use thicker polypropylene foam

How to pack the entertainment center

  • Gather all the items packed earlier in the labeled bags and put them in the shipping boxes, and label those boxes too. Use appropriate shipping supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper or newsprint paper to fill the void in the boxes. You may need bigger shipping boxes but make sure that you are not using excessively large boxes.
  • To pack TV, Blu-Ray player or any other item, try to find the items’ original packaging boxes. Items will be fitted in these boxes pretty securely.
  • If you are not able to find original packaging for the items, pay attention to proper cushioning before you consider packing them. For proper cushioning, use bubble wrap and polypropylene foam layers. Never forget to fill voids in the boxes with packing paper.
  • To pack a flat screen TV, you may not be able to find the shipping box according to dimensions that of TV. So, you may have to rely on the regular shipping boxes. To pack the TV securely in those boxes, make sure that TV is wrapped with cushioning materials. Don’t put the TV in horizontal position in the base of the box. Place it vertically, leaving front and back side of the open for the placement of cushioning. Use moving blankets in the two major empty spaces.